OBS Live Streaming software works on PC and MAC - fixed Audio/Video Sync issue

If you are trying to live stream or record audio/video with screen capture from your DAW you will notice that the video and audio might not be in sync. I recently figured out how to manually fix the sync issue with OBS for my Facebook Live video setup - I will add screenshots to this initial post at a later time. In the meanwhile here is some info to get you started.

Here is a link to the software:

Here is a link showing OBS on MAC with Logic Daw using “Soundflower”:

Here is the setup with screenshot for configuring video/audio lag time in your LIVE stream:

Excerpt from the link above for Audio/Video delay time sync issues:
Force desktop audio to use timestamps as a base for audio time: Check this if you are having problems with syncing only.
Global audio Time Offset (ms): Set this to the number of ms you’d like to offset this to. We recommend 0 unless having issues with sync.