Newbie Limiting Question

Hi. In the ultimate channel strip document the limiter comes in at #15…basically right near the end. But there is an * that says “set limiter after saturation and continue in numbered order.” So…should I set my limiter after all these other steps near the end? Or should I put it after the saturators and then go to reductive EQ and so forth?


NM…am watching videos and found the answer. Duh! Sorry for wasting anyone’s time.

Just to confirm I understand. Saturate…then limit…but place the limiter a few spaces away to allow for addition plug ins to live between the saturation and limiting…so reduction EQ, compression, etc. go BETWEEN the initial saturation and the limiter?

That is the one mate!

Derek, it is so that you are making adjustments ‘into’ the limiter and not putting the limiter on at the end and crushing the sound you have just created.