FabFilter Range knob in ProMB

Guys, just checking I have this down.

On compression (Pro-MB);
Threshold set to -9dB. Signal wants to reach +3dB. Ratio is set to 6:1 meaning that the compressor would only allow 2dB of the additional 12dB to go over the threshold. The compressor would be squashing 10dB and the result would be a level of -7dB.

However, if the range was set to -6dB, the level would be -3dB because the maximum gain reduction that could be applied to the +3dB input would be -6dB as set by the range. All of the other characteristics (attack/knee/release) would remain, but the maximum the signal would drop would be limited by the range.

Is this correct?

…And as a bonus reply, what are common uses for the Range, rather than just having more or less ratio?

Without trying it for real, I am thinking this is where the input may be more organic and therefore fluctuate more over time and you don’t want to kill the part that comes in louder just for a short period? So the compressor ratio is dealing with the ‘majority’ and the range allows some flex for the minority??

@Danny this would be a long one for the chat in class later, so if you do get a chance to check this it would be cool, if not, i can copy and paste it into the chat later. Thank you!

For anyone reading with the same query, we covered this in class and the above example is the right understanding. Thanks @Danny. What a teacher!!