DSP/CPU efficiency : Fabfilter Pro-Q2 vs frEQuency

I’ve tested the DSP/CPU efficiency between Pro-Q2 and frEQuency built in Cubase with 50 tracks played at the same time and each of them have one instance of Q2 then frEQ.

The result is frEQuency beats just a little bit Fabfilter Pro-Q2, there is not a lot of difference. So based to my test they are both almost the same in term of DSP saving

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ok…thanks for this! next thing to try is just enabling the EQ in the channelstrip vs. equal instances of Pro Q2. please let me know, and thanks for digging into this!

I have to mention that the % of CPU is almost the same when I played the tracks. The only thing is that I didn’t put a template in each Q-2, not sure it will change something.

I have to precise that the performance bar into Cubase didn’t get crazy and the % of CPU we see on my monitor doesn’t shows a real number. At 100% of CPU with Cubase my MacBook Pro touchbar I even didn’t hear the fans turning.