Daylight Savings Reminder

Hi everyone!

Attendance was a little light this week. If anyone overseas missed class due to daylight savings no worries, replays / uploads are finally getting sorted out and any missed classes should be available to watch shortly.

As far as daylight savings just be aware that US time moved an hour ahead this past weekend. Class is still 3 PM EST, just be sure to compensate for the time difference…

Have a great weekend everyone!


Yes,I seen that to day,but late,I 'm also go to Thailand wednesday,maybe I can catch you in the plane,See you in course.

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No worries Tripack… Thanks for reaching out, and have a great time in Thailand!

Thank you Justin,Because of my lungs disease,7 years i’m still waiting to travelling again…That will be a great time, sure :slight_smile: Thank’s to the personne who gave me this new lungs.
Have a great week-end.

Hi Tripack, Thank you, my weekend went well. Congratulations getting medical treatment! I’m glad you finally have a chance to travel again. :slight_smile: Hope the trip is going well and see you online when you’re back…