Decapitator volume compensation

When I use Decapitator the volume gets louder and the output is turned down (If auto on) Still the volume is usually way louder. Should I compensate manually or let it be? Should I look at the meters in my daw and compensate based on that? I’m totally blank here.

If you need to, compensate manually. The output may ‘feel’ louder but shouldn’t actually be louder. Yes, use a meter before and after if you need. I just use the DAW and see the peak when bypassing a plugin and then with the plugin working to make sure they are the same. Hope this helps…

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Auto gain on plug-ins is never absolute, they are far to many variations to calculate. It is a good starting point though. Like what @Elton said compensate gain manually after getting the sound you are after.

Thanks guys. Really helpful info.

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