What do you think about new LANDR algorithm - Mixolydian?

Last year I tried LANDR and I was horrified, but then came 2018 and Mixolydian.

I did an A/B test with:

  • My Master Buss with UAD tape, Neve, etc… - outputing about -11dB LU using Ozone 8 Maximizer (MP3 192)
  • LANDR new Mixolydian using LOW master (Med and High is still too much for me) - (MP3 192)
    I did MP3 because it’s the only free option.

I feel they have improved low end and transients as they promised.

I’m curious to see what you masters think. I’m not switching off my brain and connecting it to LANDR-skynet :slight_smile: , I’m just saying… they are catching up! Or I need to really keep studying Mastering, Ah, ah!



My Master:

in answer to your question- poop.

your track on the other hand is quite nice.

Errm, it sounds utter rubbish, it’s murding your great track and making it narrow! I don’t think you could ever replicate a Mastering Engineer. Thanks for sharing though, it’s a lovely track!