Using External Gear

This is really nice interview with Shlomi Aber on using external gear in the studio:


Thanks, Mike that was a great watch.

very touching in deed! ;)…but seriously…for production i think tactile makes a lot of sense…less so for mixing and mastering for me…i just need my mouse…that being said i am looking for a one knob controller to work with UAD…anyone?

Softube Console 1 works with some UAD plugins - it is a channel strip controller with dedicated knobs for EQ, Compressor, Drive and Volume

This knob will change your life

OMG! this is exactly what i have been looking for! do you own one? does it work easily with UAD console channelstrips? If it does i would order it today.

this might be more than i need…but then again maybe not…nice!

This knob working with everything Danny. Smoothly and precisely.

Wow…how long have you had it?

Yes, that does look very interesting indeed.

I was sure you all guys have this knob.

It’s expensive. Very expensive, but trust me , it is worth the price.

GERMAN quality can’t be wrong !!!


ok…i am excited…so i can open up a UAD API Vision channelstrip and hover my mouse over the control i want – like compressor threshold – and turn the big german knob? is it that easy?

I though you ordered german knob already Danny.
Yes, is that easy. You can control vertical or horizontal as well.

I told you, this knob will change you life same way as tape did :wink:

Danny, imagine cutting resonances with this knob. LASER PRECISION :slight_smile:

done deal. thank you…:wink: