Studio One 4.5.1 VST issue

Hi there,
I’m currently running a trial of S1 v4.5.1 on macOS Hi Sierra 64bit.

Its all going swimmingly well apart from the fact that it will not scan my vsts.

Ive contacted Presonus support an they are helping me out, but it looks like they are running out of ideas.

S1 will not scan a single vst; literally i removed all but one (Trash 2) and it still stopped. So I removed that too and it stopped again!

The last go round, which I’ve just completed, entailed me removing AVG antivirus and Malwarebytes as they were sure to be blocking the S1 plugin scan. And then uninstalling S1 and reinstalling; same still…

Firewall is off…

Anyone had this issue or can recommend a potential fix?

Yes, I’m very happy to use AU plugins for everything but I use MPC Live and only the VST MPC plugin provides audio channels into S1, dammit!


Hey Steve,
I haven’t had this happen. Did you check and make sure that you reset your blacklist? Also do you have all your VSTs in the standard system folder, in other words have you moved the VST folder to another location?

Hi Scott,
Nothing has ever made it into the blacklist yet as the plugin scanner doesn’t actually scan anything.

VST’s are in the regular folder. The plugin scanner log shows all those folders and vsts being read, in preparation for a good ole scanning, but the scanner seems to timeout and quit.

Great suggestions thanks!

Are you running S1 4.5 without this issue?

There seems to be a fair amount of chatter online regarding vst scans getting broken, i think maybe v4.0, cant remember for sure.

Still working with their tech support though, so hopefully we’ll identify the issue.

Ive just removed 2 more items of software they thought might be the issue, but alas it is still b0rked.
Pretty soon I’ll just have S1 installed ha!
Ableton, Logic X, Cubase 10 have all scanned my plugs…

That is very strange. I have all my VST 2 and 3 plugins as well as AU in Studio one 4.5 No issues that I can see. I am having an issue with VST3s showing up in Ableton (no surprise really) lol. Stick with it and let us know what happens. They are very good about supporting the product. I’ll look around and see if I find anything.

After going back and forth with Presonus tech support and providing console debug logs of the scanning process / failure point, tech support suggested I try creating a new user profile.

The good news is that under the new user profile S1 scans my vsts! Its a bit of a pita but at least I can use vsts.

I’ll try and track down the issue in my profile if I have time, which I doubt as this has taken quite a bit of time already.

Wow that is crazy! I haven’t heard of that. I am glad that you can use S1 now. But as you say have to get the new profile all sorted out.

not sure if this can help you out, but I had similar issues with ableton. There I had to delete my vst files in the vst folder. Reset my pc and then put the vst files back in the vst folder, and then all was good

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try removing them all and see what happens.