Studio One 3.5


Hey guys

I found this to be pretty interesting video. Check it out if you haven’t already!

To me the low latency monitoring explanation was the biggest thing but there’s alot of other cool stuff too…

the low latency monitoring ”dynamically uses a higher buffer size for anything but the currently focused instrument” !!!

Here’s the link:

Low latency beginning at 3:00 min and 17:40 min

I’m a bit late on this but maybe someone can learn something! I did :slight_smile:


Thanks, Timo! never understood this topic. maybe now I will :slight_smile:


You are welcome!

Btw you asked about S1 open air reverb and halls…
If you have it in your favorites and click it, there will pop up folders like plate, room, halls etc. So you have some halls there as convolution…