Sample Magic "Stacker" & Reverb Ducking

I’ve been messing around with “Stacker” lately. Here is the link to the product page:

One thing I like is the ability to drag and drop your own samples into the available slots, consolidating what would be a more complex set of windows into one when layering sounds.

I also think that it is pretty cool that you can load Impulse Responses and use a dedicated envelope to shape the reverb, duck it, etc. I don’t think that this would fit the bill in regard to ducking a reverb with a vocal track, etc., but maybe it would. I have to dig into it a bit more.

But after attending another of Danny’s awesome webinars today dealing with Reverb, this plugin came to mind when the topic of reverb ducking came up.
I also learned that I am Cubase curious, and should probably stop sleeping in an anechoic chamber…

Anyways, just wanted to share this with everyone, and I’ll add any useful tidbits as I learn them.