Questions to ask for the meetings


Yeah, I will try to come to the meeting. For my Trance production, I will use

  • Battery 4 for Kick, Snares, Crashes, HH, Percussions
  • Kontakt librairies for some percussions
  • Kontakt librairies Orchestral parts, Pianos, some SFX
  • Serum and Omnisphere for synths (bass, lead, acid, pluck, pads, …) and SFX

If I had to produce Hip-Hop or Futur Bass, I would rather

  • Use Maschine for beats and foundamental ideas
  • Kontakt libraires for organic instruments (directly in S1)
  • Serum for the synth (directly in S1)


Thanks Valentin!

See you soon!


I plan on attending today’s meeting and I have two questions/subjects of interest to me:
First: Manage clips and events within. I’d like to know how to unsnarl clips and events when they overlap on a track and how to select all events with a clip from the track view.
Second: Soloing and group soloing tracks. When mixing I like to hear only the tracks I’m working on and then hear them incontext to the mix so far. Is there an easy clean way to manage this?
Obviously if there are more pressing topics others want to discuss this can all be put off for another time


Sounds like a good start.



Hey guys

Great meeting yesterday! Thanks everyone and thanks Ken for moderating! And thanks Danny for setting this up!

Here’s some things we looked at:

• shift+cmd+a = select all midi events in multible clips (piano roll)

• shift+double click = select all clips on a track

• cmd+a = select all

• cmd+key(in piano roll) =select all midi on that key

• alt+cmd+key =select all midi on that key in multiple clips

• shift+cmd+s = solo/unsolo selected multiple tracks

• cmd+z = undo fader

•cmd+click = fader back to 0dB

•alt+arrow keys left or right = nudge clips or midi according to grid

We also looked at how to set up a buss for a reference track to ab quickly between the ref and the mix. Also alt+click solo = is good for comparing mix /master versions


Excellent summary and review.

See you all next week.



Sorry guys. We went overtime and Danny took the meeting room. :wink:

See you next time and lets hook up on discord.



If you are going over time Ken, sounds like the group is buzzing. Might have to ditch Cubase!!


Anytime Elton, anytime.


Hi Elton

It would be nice if you would join us sometime! But be careful though you might end up wanting to switch DAWS :nerd_face:



Hi Ken

Thanks for showing the ”disable” workflow… it opened my eyes to some new possibilities! :+1:



Cool. Thanks for letting me know.


I might actually do that just to see what it’s like. I am normally super busy, so time is always a challenge, but it would be good to see outside Cubase. I love Cubase, but then, other than FL on iPad I haven’t used anything else, so it’s no comparison!


Hi Elton

Ok great, whenever you have time you are most welcome!