Questions to ask for the meetings


Hi S1 users,

How can we organise ourself if we have questions about S1. Do we ask before or during the meeting ?

Do we create of thread on this category of the forum only about those questions or each questions is a thread ?

I asked myself several questions today, about workflow or functionalities for exemple. I can create a list and than submit it on a thread dedicated to the cause maybe.

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I think it is a good idea to have this thread bringing questions and requests for topics to discuss during the meetings.

See you tomorrow.



As spoken last time, I would like to see when other producers use FX tracks and/or Bus tracks for modulating effects.

What we already saw in the last 3 meetings :

  • Switching between scenes views (groups) + with keyboard shortcut
  • Incrementing the fader by ±1dB or ±0.1dB with keyboard shortcut
  • Applying plugins on events/clips and rendering them
  • Converting a midi clip into a groove for quantification
  • The Mix Engine structure


What we saw today

  • Split midi event function (handy for beats). You can assign a keyboard shortcut.
  • The difference between a buss and a effects channel
  • Split an event into pieces of the grid value. You can assign a keyboard shortcut.


Sorry for misunderstanding your question about the FX tracks/Bus.

PM me if you would like to discuss this further or create a new thread.



Hi guys

What operating system are you using for S1?

I’m still using OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 but I have been thinking about upgrading to el capitan or newer because some plugin upgrades are no longer available for Yosemite.

Any thoughs on that?



I’m working on Windows 10 on all of my computers. The only Appel stuff I touched was in my school. Can’t help sorry…


Ok! Thanks for your reply!


Is it possible to see the previous meetings somehow?


They are not recorded currently. Could be a good idea going forward though. Leave it with us…



Right or wrong we actually decided not to record them to be able to speak more freely and give an extra bonus for actually attending.

But don’t worry though. We might end up with some good video tutorials if there is high enough interest.

We have a thread though were Valentine has been kind enough to summarize the topics so far.



Hi Timo,

I am on OSX High Sierra and have no issues what so ever.



Any suggestions for topics for thursday?

Otherwise we will just improvise and see what ever pops up.



Hi Ken

Thanks for your reply!

Maybe we can take a look at the Melodyne integration in S1?

I know I could share a little trick I have been using with it…

Maybe also to talk about our favorite S1 stock plugins if there is any :slight_smile:

I’m also interested about using the vocaline in S1.



I’m working later today. I hope to be able to join the session. If not, can someone just write the “big lines” of what will be discussed today ? Thank you :+1:


Hi Valentin,

we missed you. Today we talked about:

Using Melodyne to extract midi from audio and continue working with the midi.
We talked about using S1 Level Meter for a quick way to show level, clipping, phase and loudness. Great for checking peacks on all tracks as well as phase. And the use the Loudness readout on the master. (Thanks Timo)
We talked about compairing loudness to our tracks with loudness from commercial tracks using the “Detect Loudness” in the project page.
We talked about S1 Sidechaining in Pro-EQ to see how the kick fights with the bass.
We talked about arrangement workflow and how I steal arrangement ideas from other commercial tacks (don’t tell anyone).

I hope to see you next week.



Thanks for you feedback mate !


Hi guys

I would be interested to know what plugins do you use for making beats in S1?

Do you guys use impact at all?



No, because for exemple I can’t reverse sample in it.

I use Battery 4, stuff from Heavyocity (DM-307, Damage, Percs Ensemble). I can use sometimes Polyplex from N.I.

I’m learning Maschine which is really fast for beats ! I own a MK1 controller for a long time now.

Presonus have to work on Impact. It has to have several features missing.


Thanks valentine!

I have been using my maschine studio for beat making.

I was thinking how to make a track completely in S1 and what plugins to use and how?

Could you show how you use them today at S1 meeting?