New Mastering Limiter & Exciter / Imager Alternatives?


Imager and exciter are great!

Workflow on both of them is phenomenal… especially imager.

When I hit bypass its like WOW, this song SUCKS! hahah!

I use Pro-MB and LOVE it but its interesting that you mention the ozone maximizer because I have yet to even try it. In fact I didnt even consider it. I was using the words limiter and maximizer interchangably and only just now googled to understand the subtle differences.

In fact I’m about to sit down for a session right now and throw the maximzer on it before ProL2 and see what happens! Thanks for pointing me in that direction!





What a pleasant surprise honestly! Threw down the maximizer and then swapped out pro L2 for ozone vintage limiter on tube… now I get it.

I was so reluctant to buy ozone and again, only did it for imager and exciter, and even then, not enthusiastically, only because I didnt know of better options… but its so so noticeable.

Thank you!!


OK, that’s enough guys. Now I have to go and get 8!!

I have been resisting just due to the way the program is heading (auto everything). Nose and face spring to mind. Time to check it out…


I particularly think the OZONE 8 is incredible, I made all my mixtures with it when I met him. More today I have others that I like the FG-X of SLATE DIGITAL has a good dynamics and a control of transients very cool and I recommend it to those who always look for something new.


Nice :slight_smile: Yeah the Maximizer is incredible. Try following the vintage limiter with IRC IV using Modern or Transient. Each doing half the work Vintage Limiter was doing alone. (And try just IRC IV.) It’s pretty incredible how much punch they retain even when hitting them pretty hard. And yes, the imager and exciter are great!

@Elton totally understand… My concerns, (and concerns a lot of other users have raised), is that we’re so influenced by technology that people have a tendency to trust things like the ‘assistant’ feature as ‘correct’… I personally think the auto features potentially encourage people to trust the algorithm more than their own choices which isn’t good… (See people confirm that on VI-Control a lot…)
That said, if you make the settings by hand the actual DSP algorithms are still the same and it does sound fantastic.


Hi all @SmoothSailing @justinc @Elton @sight @pitotaoficial ,

I’ve tested the new Ozone 8 Maximiser and other main Ozone tools 8. I’m pretty impressed with it (them) to be honest. As @justinc said if you set it yourself you can get a great sound (I’d avoid the auto stuff though). Now to be controversial here, I welcome the auto stuff in plugs. The people that want to develop (the music lovers with talent) wouldn’t use auto anything anyway, they’ll leave the auto crowd behind because auto mob will all have the same sound zzzz.

Back in the room…
The new LL setting in the maximiser is really good, it’s tight, clean and transparent. The older settings have been improved, tightenend and cleaned too. I think the transient shaper works well if not over done, personally I’d only have 1-2 if at all. Imager/exciter seem to have been improved. Overall (ignoring auto) they all sound great and I’ll be adding it to my tool box!



I think this on the auto side of life.

We (the ones that have done the mixing and mastering program with Danny) are extremely fortunate. We shouldn’t need the auto features and i would hope can get better results than them. However, (which is what i think @TheSheep is saying), there are others that will produce a far better mix than they could otherwise, because of them.

Auto settings are therefore not ‘evil’, just not as good as knowing how to create a great mix yourself. There are indeed many ways to skin a cat. What we all want in the end is great sounding music.


I agree it’s not evil, when you’re starting out its good for a guide 100%, but as like i’m sure many are in here we want our own style/sound so true artists in time will leave the presets behind. Music is art (with a bit of science wizardry, I try to avoid that bit haha) I believe it’s not a preset or formality, it should be like you’re Van Gogh panting a sound. I listen to tracks, even if it’s not my style, genre or engineered well, I can still hear the love/passion, when it’s there it’s beautiful. That’s the magic, something Mr/Mrs Preset or Mr/Mrs auto (who don’t want to develop) will never achieve or have, I think in the end for them it’s about money speed and never about the love of music.


truthfully I just swapped it out manually. Not sure.

Funny thing though is as pumped as I was about pro L2 I’ve been using ozone vintage limiter and maximizer instead lol!