New Logic Mid-Side Configuration

i just tried to put the ATR into mid-side mode in logic’s new configuration, but it was weird. i could make it either mid or side, but not have both the mid and side control…am i missing something?

No issues here Danny.

Are you sure both the power buttons are engaged in the configure tab?

You have to switch between the ‘Mid’ and ‘Side’ with the two tabs to the right of the ‘Configure’. Unfortunately, there is no link feature to get both just about there and tweak from there, they are both completely independent.

thanks, let me revisit it…i must have been overlooking something…select dual mono, then config…yes?

yes, after that you have to click on the ‘Mid’ and ‘Side’ tabs to process then separately. You can’t adjust the M and S together.

got it! working…thanks!