New Forum Login

We have now integrated the Next Level Sound Forum with the Next Level Sound Website!

It is the same forum, but with just one simple difference. The login is the same for both. What doe this mean for you?

If you HAVE already logged in to your account on Next Level Sound, you should use your existing login to the website/school pages to log in to the forum.

If you HAVE NOT already logged in to an account on Next Level Sound, we have created one for any existing forum members. We need you to reset the password. Just choose, ‘Forgot Password’. Once in, choose the ‘remember password’ function and you are good to go on both the Next Level Sound site and Forum. From now on, it’s just the one user account.

If you are NEW to the forum and want to go ahead and register, you won’t know what this post is all about! Just go ahead and log in.

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