Mastering Reverb

Any good replacements for good old Ozone 5 Mastering Reverb?

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Maybe Fabfilter Pro-R? It is algorithmic, highly tweakable and has nice EQ

maybe but i find pro R to be a little “thick”…there was something really cool about the ozone 5 mastering reverb…it sort of had an “inflator” clarity that made it perfect for mastering…

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…and the really cool thing about the Ozone 5 reverb was the built in pre-EQ, rather than post EQ.

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few months ago my reverb world has changed. vss3 from TC electronic came out.

most used movie HW reverb in the world. now as a plugin. im sure you will recognize the movie dialogues sound when you start to play with it :slight_smile:

highly tweakable. dont get lost in their algorithms. first find algo type and then tweak.
very realistic, can be set very subtle or heavy… short or long… with or without early reflections. or want to use only early reflections? no problem…

most of times i always put too little reverb on my tracks, because i dont feel in content with any sw reverb. now i have the exact opposite problem :slight_smile:


check this out.

this is the answer to ultimate software reverb. long live bricasti m7!!!

I picked this up a couple of weeks ago, going to check it out on the NLM2 tracks.

I’ve been on the search for an alternative mastering reverb too Danny and have yet to find one that I’m into. Nothing wrong with Ozone 5 reverb, its great, but it’s also nice to have other options. Please let me/us know if you find a solid alternate. :sunglasses:

Have you tried the new MTurboReverb from Melda?

I like it a lot.


Late reply since I’m fairly new here, but I would take a look at the reverbs from Exponential Audio. Fantastic creations. The already mentioned Seventh Heaven from Liquid Sonics is also a great option.

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