Logic Pro X Plug-In M/S and Dual Mono Processing

In version 10.3 of Logic Pro, Apple has introduced the ability to process plug-ins in dual mono or mid/side.

For example, lets say you want you UAD SSL G Bus Compressor to process the mid and the side signals separately:

  1. Insert a ‘dual mono’ version of the SSL G Bus Compressor onto your master bus
  2. In LPX Plug-in Header click the ‘Configure’
  3. Change the mode from ‘Stereo’ to ‘Mid/Side’
  4. Next to the ‘Configure’ you will see ‘Mid’ and ‘Side’ tabs, click which ever one you want to adjust - job done!

In the ‘Configure’ tab you can also bypass the ‘L’ (mid) and/or ‘R’ (side) channels.

The ‘Dual Mono’ mode is very useful when using channel strips on a stereo track, so you can emulate how a analogue console behaves - one track per channel. I have been doing this in Pro Tools for years. It is also great for having slightly different settings for the L and the R, this creates some stereo difference, if you do this subtly on all your stereo tracks it can produce a wide and mono compatible mix.

Configure Tab

SSL G Bus in M/S Mode


definitely featuring this on monday at the free webinar.

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