Kush Audio Plugins

Hey everybody, what do you think about Kush Audio Plugins suite ? They have a based month plan like Slate… I tried the plugins a few times and it’s interesting but I’m not sold. Do someone has some experience to share about these plugins ?

It’s funny! There are really making a push right now…i have not really played with them too much – but i want to have them in our test kitchen in april and see what they can do for sure…their name of course is excellent…

I have not used them either but look forward to the test kitchen :slight_smile:

Their plugins are awesome if you ask me. Personally, I always use the clariphonic (in M/S) on my master channel, to bring in some beautiful high end shine after all the colorful compressors & subtle master-dessing.

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nice! very good to know…could you make a list of kush plugins that you like and what you use the for? they are next on my list to check out.

Here is the list of the plugins :

  • Omega Transformer Model 458 A

  • Omega Transformer Model N

  • Omega Transformer Model A

  • Hammer DSP EQ

  • Clariphonic DSP mkII Parallel EQ

  • Electra DSP EQ

  • UBK-1 saturator, compressor

  • Pusher creative distortion

I used all plugins before I began this school. Now I try to work with my new UAD plugins, but I’ll come back to these for special things into the mix. Maybe. What’s up the test kitchen ?