Hit song mixer's technic on stereo signal

I’m trying to reverse - without success - a technic for having a punchy stereo signal, from a mono source.

Here is the original sample : Sample

I’ve bounced it in mono, so I can try to achieve the same result, but I didn’t succeed.

Here is the sample in mono : Sample in mono

Both links are downloadable

the closest I arrived is to make 2 copies of the mono signal, pan one hard left, one hard right, switch the polarity of both, put a doubler on one of the copies. But it’s not enough, the original sounds really more “stereo”. I challenge you to find how it was made

Here is a screenshot of the original sample :

As you can see the stereo signal is enough strong to put the overall signal in -0.5 negative polarity.

Could you help me in finding what’s the secret ?

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@Danny i m still waiting your answer on this :wink:

Try this! Prevent Anti-phase

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