Headroom in master for release?


I release my music through rebeat.com that only allows me to upload a 16bit 44.1k master.

The problem is that iTunes, Spotify, Beatport etc all has their own preferences in how much headroom should be in the master.
iTunes and others recommends -1.0 db.
When downloading wav files from beatport all tracks from spinning etc is at 0.0db etc.

So any advice what headroom I should go with?

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As a mastering engineer services that only let you upload one file and they do all the file conversions annoy me. They are simply running the 1644 master through software, whereas we optimise for each format and medium.

For best results on streaming services (and radio) I find an Integrated LU between -9LU and -12LU with -1LUTP celling.

This level is not appropriate for club music on Beatport and the likes, so unless you are able to provide different versions I would stick to the version that best suits your main demographic, I assume DJs.

This is exactly how I have been reasoning.

Can anyone recommend an aggregator that releasees to the major stores and offers different versions?