Favourite uses of upward compression?

Hey all,

Was just thinking about downward expansion and how you could use that as a sort of gate, then got thinking about upward compression and was wondering what some good uses of it would be or tasks that you would like to use this technique for.

To add sustain to instruments, 808 kick for example.

If in multi-band mode, to add ‘body’ or ‘weight’ to a region, say the mid range of a synth, or low end of a kick drum or bass.

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cool, thx paul, have tried experimenting using upward expansion to do that, haven’t tried the upward compression tho, nice!

To be honest, I was thinking of upward expansion when I wrote that, but I have used Upward Compression in those situations.

Upward compression is also good for bringing up the sides on a reverb send. Thank @Danny for this excellent technique!