Ear Training?

How many of you guys and girls are doing additional ear training to your actually work?

I think this ear training is awesome!

I have just signed up for the premium version of this but the free version is very cool.

Sound Gym


I have a free app that’s cool and I’ve been training. I’ll have a look at your link. I’ll find the link to the one I’m using and share.

Will check this out. I have been doing a lot more ‘active’ or ‘analytical’ listening to tracks for things like reverb/mid side/EQ on individual channels etc. but from just clicking on the link, that looks good. Cheers @Paul

LOVE this. Signed up, done first three tests. This is going to become my morning routine with the first coffee of the day at the office! May even call it better than Syntorial.

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I love Syntorial, I am going to have to revisit it, as I seen it has some new lessons for Massive.

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Quiztones is pretty dope and has been around for a bit. It’s great in the car while driving to work : ) https://theproaudiofiles.com/quiztones/

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Whoah, SoundGym is awesome. Love the EQ game.
Might have to jump on a plan - I’m sure the others are just as good.

I tried it once and signed up! Started this morning doing one round of each exercise every day. When you get the subtle eq ones it’s tough!

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I’ve tried this and it’s awesome. Thanks for the link @Paul!

Yeah, it is funny, I thought I would be best at the EQ exercises but they are the one’s I am worst at! The EQ dips are the most challenging but I definitely think doing this every day will make a big difference.

I love the ‘sound coins’ as well, I have bought Vintage Trance and Deep House sound expansions and the Dark Techno is next!

I just won an award as well ‘Iron Ears’, I think I have just received a back handed compliment… haha

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Anyone here tried Philip GoldenEar ? I couldn’t find it online now

Hi, how do you train your ear to hear the harshness, boominess, nasalness… of the sound