DMG Trackmeter Screenshots (Mentioned in Grad Club)

Anyone looking for a meter this is a bargain at 40 pounds. (I also forgot to mention they accepted my enrollment letter. 50% off everything for a year :slight_smile: so it ran me 20 pounds. …)

Anyway here are some screenshots. I’m an analyzer freak and think this thing is a bargain at twice the price when you compare the cost of Insight or Nugen… Just as good IMO…

Spectrum. (I tweaked all the colors in every meter… The way I set it up it makes the fundamental really easy to pick out…)

Can zoom in as far as you want on any frequency area…)

(Ocatve divisons. Can do octaves, 1/3 and 1/12th.)

(Spectrogram view)

52 AM

56 AM
(Oscilloscope. Can set it up free time or sync to 1/4 notes or bars.)

09 AM
(3-D Waterfall)

(Phase/Correlation Meter.)

(Loudness meter. Includes Integrated, Momentary, Short Term, RMS, and Crest Factor)

(Loudness Histroy. Zoomable as well…)

(Phase Spectrum)

(RMS Analyzer)

(And a tuner :slight_smile:) )

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