Different colors per track


in the MF class, Danny told us to color each track different…until now I have grouped according to instrument groups…what was the reason to have it separated by track, I didn’t get it!?

This is how it looks today…


I do a mix of this. Danny has contrast between each track in order as you go down the arrange window. I use a ‘main’ colour for each group, then sub tones for each instrument in the group. I have a huge colour palette template set as my default colours for this. I also know which colour for which group as I keep it the same from project to project.

The main purpose is so that you can easily (visually) identify which track you are on. I know another member of the academy that finds it more confusing to have any colours. So, I guess what we need to take from the lesson is that you should take the time to set up your project in such a way that it makes working in the track easier and faster.

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