Compression mythology?

Hi guys,

I’m back again because I feel very disconcerted about what I red lastly.
I used to enjoy Gregory Scott podcasts (UBK funtime) and to use his plugins as well (Kush Audio and Sly-Fi).

This week I found this article, where he addressed most common misconceptions about compression.
And… It was like falling from the top of a building when I remember Danny’s explanation in the courses.
No offence Danny, because these myths are spreaded everywhere.

I’m just wondering now: Does those myths are taught to give easy understanding of a process (compression) with behaviors that finally don’t happen like that behind the scenes, or is it just the product of a common collective knowledge that is transmitted without scientific insights?

Any feedback welcome!


I wouldn’t worry about this at all…Hardware compressors this ratio is true… but not exact (theres even a ratio to the ratio), some will be faster some slow. Emulations I believe dialled back on this for control and then the modern cleaner 'technical compressors, believe don’t have this slop to the ratio.

In general Danny’s explanations are basic… he talks about elves for gods sake :smile: but they get you what you need to know.

That document makes out a little like everyone got it wrong :open_mouth: but I think thats a little OTT :smile: