Balance Ball Chair for long hours of sitting and mixing/mastering

I just ordered this today - I’ll let you all know once I get it next week how it’s working out for me. I had to do something. Sitting for a living and then sitting again while mixing/mastering for hours on end is not healthy - so I decided to give this cool chair a try:


Looks fun and good !

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I will post here once I receive it and know if it was a good investment or not!

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yeah a chiropractor recommended this same chair to me too. thanks for reminding me!

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this is a good idea, I know someone who works at Microsoft in Seattle and they use one of these and love it.

So I got the chair 2 days ago, and put it together yesterday. Was very easy and quick to set up - I will use it this weekend in my studio and post a report after. So far it seems pretty good when I just tested it sittng on it. The true test is how does it feel if I sit on it for many hours…

So here is my update/verdict on the ball chair:

I used it yesterday from about 4pm until 2am.
I definitely noticed a big difference in my posture and no fatigue from sitting so long.
The only thing I do recommend is - if you decide to buy one of these chairs, get the ball cover for $29.00 - or you could use some sort of home made improv cover - otherwise sitting on plastic that long can cause some sweating…

Overall I give the compfort and the usability of the chair a 5 star rating, it was a great investment. I never once switched to my regular chair, that’s how great it was. My body was less fatigued and my posture was great without trying.

Also, the day before I used it and played guitar sitting on it. Again, it was super compfortable, even for playing guitar.

I worked for a composer in LA that used one of these. He wrote all of his film and TV cues sitting on one :slight_smile:
I’ve got an ergonomic back support chair and that alone made a huge difference. May look into one of these for a client chair. If I like it enough maybe I’ll steal it from the client! :stuck_out_tongue:

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just came across this cool

for those of you who might want to work standing up…

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