Avicii subby kick

Living the dream!

Exactly that. I realised that I could keep spending on more and more, better and better, kit/space etc. but I needed to learn how to ‘make it the best I could with what I had’. Then @Danny ‘made’ me buy a few more toys! Now though, it is all about the learning and applying. The biggest improvements I have made have not come from any plugin. it is the knowledge of how to use said plugins properly.

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Well First of all , use gaining stage with your kick, I learn a lot in mixing foundations… the channel stripp that I learn is very useful now with reason 9.5 :slight_smile:

Hi guys

What’s the difference between maxxbass and renaissance bass? Which one is better? I demoed rbass and it certainly gives me a new perspective on bass enhancement.

Great advice all around! Thanks!

I believe ren bass just basically improved upon the maxxbass algorithm. the waves website has the info.